7 Ways to Stay Motivated When Freelancing Gets Rough

Freelancing is all good as you choose your clients, you can work from home, and it’s more flexible than a 9 to 5 job. However, there is a level of uncertainty as you sometimes have tons of work and sometimes not have at all. By the end of one month your bank account has hefty, while on the other you look for pennies under the couch.

Rough times can hit you hard and make you want to take up a secured job. But you’ll again have thoughts of not wanting to let go of flexibility and comfort of self-employment.  It is not easy staying motivated while freelancing but you can imply some tips to make it smoother.

1. Give yourself some time

It can seem bizarre to go out for a walk, start reading a new book or plan a weekend getaway, when you have emails to respond and deadlines to meet! But if you can take out a few hours (if not a weekend), and do something you like, you’ll feel motivated to start afresh. Breaks help you have a clearer vision and aid you to accomplish your tasks.

2. Keep learning

For staying motivated while freelancing, you need to keep leveling up your skills for better opportunities to come. When you have some free time for yourself, look for ways to improve your skill. Join a course which improves your work or search for online tutorials. Also, learn things that don’t relate to your work but interests you.

3. Think about what makes you happy

How to stay motivated if you don’t pause for a while and appreciate the things that make you happy? It could be your pet dog that needs attention or a plant that is blooming in your garden. When you think about the good things in life, it keeps you positive and motivated.

4. Look for options

For always staying motivated while freelancing make sure you ask yourself if you’re happy with what you do. Ask yourself why you don’t opt for working under a company and if what you do is worth the struggle. If you feel that freelancing serves you better than having a secured job, you might want to stick to it.

5. Make a plan

One of the vital tips for working from home is to always have a plan, so that you have less of self-employment risks. Take out the first 20 minutes and plan out all you need to do through the day, and also fix their timing. This keeps you ticking through as you always know that there is something more to do.

6. Update your profile

Keep giving you profile a makeover so that it shows you how to stay motivated through rough times. When you add more work experience and knowledge, you realize that you have come a long way. Update your profile to not only exhibit your capability, but to appreciate the freelancer that has grown in you.

7. Create a portfolio

Portfolios are more interesting and effective than a resume. When work gets slow but you have saved enough money, invest in making a portfolio. It not only keeps your mind sharp, but also gives you an enjoyable task to work on. It brings out the variety of client’s requirements that you have covered, and make ways for more.

In conclusion

Self-employment is no less than a rollercoaster ride, so staying motivated while freelancing is necessary. You will have your own battles but you cannot overcome them if you don’t stay positive. Take the rough time as a challenge and let your survival instincts leave an added impact.



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