Finding Aged Domains for Sale

Like wine, good domain names get better with age. This is because of the Google page rank, legitimate backlinks and other SEO metrics they accumulate over time. Gone are the days when you could register a new domain name and spam it with backlinks to rank your site pretty easily. Now Google easily detects such sites and puts them in the “sandbox.”

To get around this, you need to buy a domain that is aged. A domain name that was registered a few years ago but has not been in use is not aged. An aged domain must have been indexed by Google two or more years ago and have been in use for the duration. Read more Domains for Sale

Buying aged domains

There is a multitude of ancillary services and registrars, from whom you can buy aged domains. It all depends on your preference. Finding a good, authoritative aged domain is the tricky part. You must have a trick or two up your sleeve to avoid being duped or paying through the nose for an aged domain.

Several tools for hunting and assessing expiring and expired domains exist. A scrapping tool like is very effective at hunting and performing initial assessments of available domains. It allows you to assess basic metrics such as MozRank, SEOMoz, PageRank, Citation and Trust flow, back Links and much more. You do not want to purchase an aged domain with poor SEO health.  Click Free Domains

After assessing the metrics of the domains available for sale, you can use additional tools to verify the authenticity of these metrics. For example, use tools like OpenSite Explorer, MajesticSEO, and Ahrefs to look for trouble indicators such as excessively low trust or over-optimized anchor texts. They also authenticate the legitimacy of page ranks, back link profiles and find hidden bonuses.

Pitfalls to avoid

Evaluating only one or two SEO metrics is a pitfall many fall into. For example, a listed domain for sale touting a PageRank of 7 may blind you to its shady backlink profile or lack of Citation and TrustFlow. A diverse back link profile of a domain may also hide its stripped PageRank.

What to do with an aged domain

The course of action you take after buying an aged domain entirely depends on the work and effort you are ready to put into it. To benefit your money site, you can either 301 redirect the aged domain to it or craft a microsite for it. Alternatively, you can always overhaul the aged domain and operate it independently or sell it for a profit. Domains for sale (Most expensive Domains ever sold)

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